Why Choose Us

Our Mission

 Our mission is to provide our clientele with superior service that is in line with their ever changing security and protection needs. Our firm will go above and beyond what is promised to our clients to ensure that they are provided with superior, professional services. It is our belief that in order to assure the best quality of service that we stand by, we must keep close relationships with our personnel both on and off duty.


 Account Manager(s) time is not billed in any way to Client. Our account manager(s) will be on site approximately 8 hours per week at un-announced times to check up on the account supervisor and the assigned security guards. Good Guard Security Services will provide you with certified, licensed, insured, and bonded Security Guards. Each Security Professional has been screened to the standards of the United States Government Secret Clearance Program.


 All representatives of GOOD GUARD SECURITY SERVICES hold themselves to high standards and take pride in knowing that they constantly over perform in their duties. The management, having thirty combined years of security and law enforcement experience, has realized that prevention of crime can be accomplished by utilizing tactical approaches, rather than accusations and the traditional methods of our predecessors.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

  Overtime is never billed to Client. We have accounted for project overtime in our billable rate. Uniforms, equipment or other expenses are never billed to Client. Pre-employment drug testing costs are not billed to Client. Random drug testing costs are never billed to Client. Training and in-service seminars and coursework are not billed to Client. Professional and experience are our key.


 Our company offers a full service line that was designed to allow our firm to meet our client’s every need. Our firm is the only security agency in The Greater Los Angeles Area that offers 360 degrees of protection. Our expansive service line gives our firm competitive advantage over other agencies in our target market by providing our clients with the convenience of “one-stop shopping.” 

Drive and Determination

 The founders of our firm understand that in order to remain competitive in our target market it is necessary to possess a high degree of drive and determination to succeed. We build our firm around the needs of our clients and continually monitor the external environment to develop services that are relevant to our clients needs. Security is everyone’s concern… but it’s our business.


  The founders of GOOD GUARD SECURITY SERVICES and their agents, have extensive experience in working with an expansive client base. From celebrities to dignitaries to high-profile venues, all agents are well versed in the most modern security tactics and procedures. Experience and innovation in a single touch. Our customer service representatives are not salespeople; they are security professionals assigned to administrative functions. 

Full Transparency

  In addition to the professionalism that our field agents and guards display, our infrastructure has been built on a platform where the client’s best interest is our primary concern. We have established a comprehensive communications network that ensures that we are always available to meet our client’s needs. Supervisory personnel are available to you 24 hours every day in order maintain quality assurance and customer service on behalf of Good Guard Security Services.

What to expect

Our offices are staffed around the clock with customer service representatives for your convenience. While most of our competitors work from their homes, Good Guard Security Services staffs fully functional offices. Desk personnel are utilized as watch-commanders with full authority to make supervisory decisions for Good Guard Security Services. Additionally, our uniformed security guards are outfitted with police-type uniforms.